Buy Leads , RDP , SMTP , Cpanel
Buy Leads , RDP , SMTP , Cpanel
Bespoke firmware design and development company near Manchester.

Firmware Development

We specialise in custom firmware development and embedded systems.

firmware development

Embedded Technologies Limited are experts in developing firmware from bare metal, super loop systems through to RTOS based systems. Our experts are skilled in firmware development. We have extensive experience of working with Embedded Linux platforms, RTOS based systems and Event driven systems.  

We have 10 years experience of developing firmware 

At Embedded Technologies Limited we can offer a complete solution for every stage of your project; from initial idea through to development and delivery of your product developed to industry standards. 

We have passionate and knowledgeable engineers who have a wealth of experience of working on challenging projects in a wide range of industries, ranging from industrial and commercial right through to other areas such as the automotive and medical. Over the years, we have refined our development processes to ensure that we provide our clients with the highest quality products at cost-effective prices.

firmware design and developmentĀ 


Our engineers are experienced in a wide variety of programming languages including C, C++, Ada, Java and python. We develop firmware using  popular architectures such as ARM, 8051, X86-64, PIC and AVR. We also understand common embedded standards, protocols and interfaces such as I²C, SPI, USB, MIDI, JSON, USART/UART, LVDS, CoAP, MQTT, DTLS and DSI/CSI and build your firmware with these in mind giving you quality firmware which is reliable.  

Embedded Solutions

We have developed Embedded Software for a variety of applications including:

Bluetooth scanning devices‌ ‌ 

‌‌‌ ‌Asset trackers ‌

‌‌ ‌‌Personal health trackers 

Remote IoT logging devices

‌‌ ‌ ‌Location awareness devices  


At Embedded Technologies Limited we have worked on many firmware designs that integrate with an array of micro-processors. These micro-processors use an array of integrated circuit peripherals including ADC's, DAC's, GPIO, Sensors, PHY's, DDS and GPS. With our passion and experience we can develop custom drivers for your hardware designs.  

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