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Embedded Technologies Limited is based in the beautiful Rossendale Valley just 25 minutes North of Manchester. After after graduating with a BSc(hons) in Software Engineering, a Masters in Embedded Systems Development and working as a software engineer for 5 years, Embedded Technologies Limited was founded in 2011 by James Hough. 

Initially the company started by contracting for a variety of software projects but soon expanded into providing custom software solutions and hardware designs for companies who wanted unique and specialised products. Embedded Technologies Limited now have a small team of passionate, knowledgeable and experienced developers who work across a multitude of industries with companies worldwide.   

At Embedded Technologies Limited we continually challenge ourselves and look to find new ways to make things better; we thrive to develop new ideas, new processes and new technology.  

As well as his passion and drive for his work, James also enjoys mountain biking, basketball, retro games and being in the outdoors with his family.


Our developers are enthusiastic and passionate about the work they do and love working with clients, helping to turn their ideas into viable products. We continuously keep up to date with the latest software trends, use cutting edge technology and adapt to new and emerging software solutions.  


Our developers think outside the box to develop unique solutions to each projects individual needs. We understand that each project throws up its own challenges and that's where the creativity of our engineers comes in, enabling us to develop robust solutions that fit your software needs.  


It takes a great team who understand each other to develop high quality solutions. Here at Embedded Technologies Limited, we believe that our clients are an integral part of our team and that's why we keep you up to date and communicate with you every step of the way.  


We are always open and honest with our clients about the feasibility of projects, costs and timescales. 

What we do

At Embedded Technologies Limited we are experts in full stack development; we can take your product from initial concept through to market. Our developers have the passion, knowledge, drive and creativity to work with you delivering superior products.

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